Peermed health clinic
  • Peermed family health clinic
  • Ultrasound and 4D scan, Optometrist and x-ray
  • Dispensing doctors (general practitioners) and dentists
  • Physiotherapist and dispensary pharmacy
Welcome to Peermed Family Health Clinic

We have qualified and experienced dispensing doctors (General Practitioners) on hand to attend to your medical needs in Pretoria, Kempton Park and Germiston. They are trained to manage common medical problems as well as medical problems that may require intervention by coordinating with specialists. Their holistic approach toward illness make them ideal to have as your family doctor to prevent illness and maintain health. They treat a broad range of conditions including:
·         Pregnancy consultations
·         Assistance for infertility & sexual health
·         Heart and lung testing and care
·         Stitching of wounds
·         Ultrasound scans
·         Immigration medical @ R160
·         Diabetes
·         Hypertension, high blood pressure
·         Wellness
·         Skin conditions
·         Women’s Health, Pap smears and contraception advice
·         Sexual health
·         Mental Health Care
·         Chronic diseases
·         VCT & HIV treatment

General Practitioner
A General Practitioner or “GP” is usually the first doctor you go to. They become the “family” doctor, because that is what they specialise in. They are not limited in their scope of medical understanding, and can expertly judge whether more serious interventions are necessary, and when not. The visit will usually include discussing the problem, an examination, the actual treatment or procedure, and advice on what the next step is.
The full range of medical services our GP’s offer include:
  • Management of all acute conditions, infections, STD’s, injuries
  • Management of all chronic conditions e.g. hypertension, diabetes, asthma etc.
  • A holistic approach to HIV diagnosis and management
  • Routine screening, including blood pressure, blood sugar and ECG testing
  • We offer a full range of pathology tests, blood tests and screening tests (PAP smears etc.)
  • Minor procedures, suturing of wounds, mole excisions, dressing
  • Child and infant health, developmental assessments
Our Peermed GP's are also able to assist with:

·         Referrals to a well established network of specialists
·         Insurance and visa medicals
·         Nutritive and lifestyle advice
·         Minor surgical procedures
·         Bloods tests
·         Promotion of good health advice and preventative medicine
·         Chronic disease management (such as diabetes, hypertension, asthma)
·         Management of wounds and acute injuries
·         ECG
·         Policy application examinations
·         Guidance in weight loss, or refer them to disciplines where more extensive time is spent on a specific field
·         Certificates and Medicals
·         Hay Fever and Allergy Treatment
·         Imaging, Investigations and Procedures
·         Immigration Medicals
·         Weight Management
·         Medications and Prescriptions
·         Work Medicals
·         Men's Health and Women's Health

Kempton Park
Address: Shop 49, Kempton Square
Telephone: 011 394 8751
Fax: 011 394 8754

Address: 185 Meyer St, Germiston
Telephone: 011 825 0252
Fax: 011 825 8566

Address: 265 Madiba St (ex-Vermeulen St)
Telephone: 012 321 6317